APPTRA provides targeted coaching for professionals looking to accelerate their career or companies and teams looking to improve their business performance. We take a “done with you” approach that allows you to take the leading role in identifying pain points, developing and implementing solutions and making improvements. As the coach, we provide you with guidance, feedback and accountability throughout this process. Coaching is facilitated both offline and online through one-off/weekly/monthly coaching sessions for individuals; focus group discussions/workshops for teams, according to specific coaching models.

1.Career coaching

One-on-one career coaching for experienced professionals who are looking to improve their performance or exploring a new sector, as well as to fresh graduates and early career professionals who are trying to improve their employability and relevance.
  • Coaching on structuring CVs, facing interviews, career progression advice including guidance on certifications and qualifications
  • Coaching on using and  integrating new methods, especially agile methods, in traditional environments and convincing management to buy-in to such methods

2. Role specific coaching

For Business Analysts, Agile SCRUM masters, Agile Product Owners, Managers and Leaders to address specific pain points in terms of carrying out operations, team management, facilitating events, convincing management etc. The process will involve:
  • Understanding  current situation 
  • Understanding ideal future situation 
  • Development of an implementable plan including methods, action items, action owners, timelines to achieve future objectives
  • Exploring alternatives by stretching current thinking patterns
  • Reviewing plans and achievements

3. Team Coaching

Coaching for specialized teams (Agile Teams, Business Analysts, SCRUM masters etc.) as well as diverse teams within corporations (management team) to help improve efficiency and team performance as well as coaching that enables transformation.

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